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The Story of Quill & Keyboard Accounting

A Letter from Dave Dress

     In 1994 as then Director of Information Technology for the ninth-largest county in America I found myself unemployed due to being in a political position that did not fit what the new senior leadership desired. 


     Subsequently during a brief assignment at the Arizona Lottery evaluating the controls surrounding their gaming systems I was sequestered with an auditor who suggested that with my background in data processing and accounting that I might establish my own accounting firm and provide services to small businesses.  Thus was born Quill & Keyboard Accounting.  Starting from nothing I was able to convince ten clients that I was just what they needed to help them build their businesses.  From this mode base, Quill & Keyboard grew to just over 35 clients and 125 corporate and individual tax clients.


     About the time I was readying the firm to hire staff and obtain a storefront my wife and I decided to totally change our lives and move to Vermont and basically retire.  It sounded like a good plan and selling the business was reasonably easy.  Upon arriving in the Rutland area I was greeted with the news that the person who bought the business was not capable of sustaining it and wished me to re-acquire my clients.  I was able to reassign the accounting clients to a local firm but the tax clients remained a challenge.  After some discussion with them, all but three decided that sending their returns annually to Vermont was a pretty good idea.


     During my time in Rutland, I have become very involved in the community through volunteer efforts and becoming involved in local politics.  One of my volunteer activities was working for Rutland Regional Medical Center.  Having done this for 20 years now one of my favorite duties was mentoring teen volunteers.  It was during this time that I became associated with Ms. Samantha St. Marie.  After numerous discussions, Samantha decided that what I had been doing in accounting sounded like her life’s passion so her college education was geared in this direction.  Sometime during her Sophomore year, I suggested that as a long term objective that she become the “NEW” face of Quill & Keyboard Accounting and continue to provide the services to my local accounting clients and my tax preparation base.


     I am proud to say that this transition is in progress and I know with all that is in me that Samantha will continue to provide quality accounting and tax work for the clients of Quill & Keyboard Accounting.  


     While I will be backing away from the daily operations of the business I will remain a resource for Samantha as long as it is her desire.  You could not be in better hands for your accounting and tax needs.

- Dave

Dave Picture Airplane.jpg

Dave with his model airplane

Dave and Bobbie.jpg

Dave with wife Bobbie receiving an award

Dave and I.jpeg

Samantha and Dave volunteering at Rutland Regional Medical Center

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