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Personal & Business Tax Preparation

Tax laws are complex and continuously changing. As Enrolled Agents we are required to stay on top of the most recent changes and guidelines by completing continuing education requirements every year.


You can trust that we are knowledgeable about the laws that impact your tax situation, not just during tax season but year-round.

Our firm has experience with sales tax filings, meals and rooms tax filings, payroll tax filings, and real estate transactions.

As federally-recognized tax specialists, we can complete tax returns in any state.


Accounting Services

Over the course of twenty-five years, our firm has worked with dozens of small businesses. We have provided accounting services for a diverse selection of businesses including general contractors, retail shops, restaurants, nonprofit organizations, studios, and sole proprietors. We've helped owners at every stage from just starting out to decades in business.


When you outsource and centralize your accounting services with us, you can expect accuracy, professionalism, and timely completion. With Quill & Keyboard Accounting, you'll always know where your business finances stand. 


We offer accounting packages personalized to your needs. Bookkeeping can be completed weekly, monthly, or quarterly.


We offer a range of payroll processing options including direct deposit, federal and state tax deposits, quarterly reporting, and year-end processing of W-2/W-3 and 1099/1096 forms.  

IT Consulting


Quill & Keyboard Accounting provides consultation services to help you start a business, save for college, or plan for retirement. We enjoy planning and communicating with our clients on a range of circumstances that come up during their lives. The following provides a list of topics we can help you plan for:​​​​

  • Adding a member to your family

  • Applying for loans - business and personal

  • Budgeting

  • College - savings, scholarships, and loans

  • Financial changes that come with marriage and divorce

  • Inheritance

  • IRS Communication - Notices, Audits, Appeals

  • Job and income changes

  • Real estate transactions 

  • Retirement planning

  • Starting a business

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